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Rules & Author sign ups

iHikago is a request challenge for Hikaru no Go podfic.

Authors sign up to have their fics recorded by another participant. Writers may select specific fics they want read, or submit their whole archive.

Readers sign up to record fic by participating writers. Fics can be done by as many readers as are interested.

Readers may only podfic stories approved by the writer. If an author has not signed up for the challenge or has restricted certain fics, you may not use them. While minor changes might occur while reading, please respect that these stories are the author's intellectual property.

While community critique is welcome, fic mocking and pairing bashing will not be tolerated.

This is not an exchange. Participants do not have to enter as readers to have their fic read, and vice versa, however they are welcome to play both roles if they wish. Also, all writers may not be claimed in the first round.

Participants may sign up to podfic their own fics if they choose, but no previously recorded podfic is allowed. Rerecording is acceptable.


To sign up as an author, please comment to this post with something resembling the following format:

AIM/e-mail/best way to contact you:
Link to fic(s) you give permission to others to podfic:
Preferred fic(s) you'd most like to hear:
Fic(s) you absolutely RESTRICT anyone from touching:
Do you want the same fic(s) available for the next round automatically?
Will you be participating as a reader as well? (optional)

Author sign ups are continuous. However, it is recommended that author's sign up before reader sign ups begin, for a better chance at being selected.


There will be a post on Saturday, February 24th for reader sign ups. Readers may select up to five fics to podfic in the first round. To diversify the results, it is preferred that each reader not pick more than three fics from any one author. Collaborative works will still count as one for each contributor.

The format will be something resembling the following, (reply to THAT post NOT this one):

AIM/e-mail/best way to contact you:
Fics selected:
-Fic Name – Author Name
-Fic Name 2 – Author Name
-Fic Name 3 – Author Name 2

Sign ups will end Monday, March 5th. However, late sign ups or participants who have already completed all of their claims, may request to podfic from authors who have not had any of their fics selected in the current round. Up to three fics may be late claimed, with no more than two being from the same author.


Readers may post their podfic any time, in any way, before the deadline. Some may choose to post each as they finish, others when all of their podfics have been recorded, and many right before the deadline. ( Oh, Hikago fandom. Never change. <3 )

In posting your podfic, be sure to include the author's name and a link to the original fic in the entry. You are not required to post the file directly to the community, but please at least crosspost us a link, so we can all enjoy it.

If you do not have webspace to host the audio file, I'd recommend a free site, like Megaupload or YSI. If you encounter any technical problems, please ask. (bookshop has kindly offered up some webspace for the cause. There will be more information later on how to upload your files. ^^)

Thank you everyone for your time and good luck podficing!
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