Daisy-chama (daisy_chan) wrote in ihikago,

round 4 - announcements

Alright, ladies, I know you haven't heard much from me in a while and there are several very good reasons for that, especially if you follow my LJ.

In any case, the current issue we're dealing with are Aja's broken computer and some problems with the hosting at NQR. In short, there's been no way to upload the files, so I haven't really seen the need at harass you all in regards to your podfics. But since this is getting a bit ridiculous, I'm just going to upload everything to the mediafire folder and we'll archive everything on NQR when things get sorted out there.

The deadline is supposed to be this Tuesday, but since I haven't received any submissions (other than my own, lol), I'm assuming y'all need another week? I'm going to tentatively set the new deadline for Tuesday, April 28th. If anyone knows now that they'll need more time, speak up now. Also, keep in mind that BG fics are due on May 5th when you're considering your schedule.

Good luck everyone!
Tags: mod, round 4
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