caution, hot ashes (zoesque) wrote in ihikago,
caution, hot ashes

Podfic: A Whole New Apocalypse

Fic: A Whole New Apocalypse
Author: bookshop
Read by: zoesque
Length: 29:47.
File size: 27MB. (Right-click to save, or stream directly in-browser.)
Notes: This wasn't an easy fic to record (I will likely never get over the agony of figuring out how to pronounce keyboard mash, woe), but it was (somehow) really, really enjoyable and rewarding to do, all the same. I don't think I was wholly successful in conveying all the angst and delight and sheer sexiness of Aja's fic, but I do hope some of my own love for it managed to bleed through. :) This one's for you, Aja: thanks not only for your generosity in terms of webspace and time, but also for your relentless enthusiasm and love for Hikago itself. <3

A Whole New Apocalypse
Tags: bookshop, round 1, zoesque
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