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iGo, uGo, record your fics now... o.'s Journal
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Monday, January 2nd, 2012

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Masterlist - Round 4
Somewhat late, but here's a list of the podfics recorded for ihikago round 4. Thanks to all the participants (readers, authors, and listeners) for your support!

Master List - Spring 2009 Collapse )

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round 5 - admin clean up post
It's been awhile, so let's clean up the author information if anyone is still out there!

If you want to edit your information, fic achieve link, fics available, fics restricted, the fic you'd prefer to have read this round, some error I've made in any master post or tagging... whatever. Let me know here and I'll take care of it.

Authors can still sign up at any time here.
round 5 - collaborations
Here's a space for you guys to link up with each other if you'd like.

Are you looking for a collaborator to each read every other chapter of a long epic fic? Do you need a Waya voice for a bit of dialog that you just can't get your tongue around? Need someone to mix your podfic all nice? Willing to offer up your QEM-like sound effect abilities to readers who want to spice up their fic?

Well. This is the place to offer and find just what you're looking for. Or, you know, stalkerpin for the fun of it.


For good or for evil... have fun, guys ;p
round 5 - reader sign up post

This is the post to sign up to be a podfic reader.

Readers may select up to five fics to podfic. To diversify the results, it is preferred that each reader not pick more than three fics from any one author. Collaborative works will still count as one for each contributor, and multi-chapter works also count as one (even if split into several files).

Please reply to THIS post with something resembling the following format:

e-mail/YM/best way to contact you:
Fics selected:
-Fic Name 1 – Author Name 1
-Fic Name 2 – Author Name 2
-Fic Name 3 – Author Name 3

Regular reader sign ups will end Tuesday, January 24th, 2012. However, late sign ups or participants who have already completed all of their claims, may request to podfic from authors who have not had any of their fics selected in the current round. Up to three fics may be late claimed, with no more than two being from the same author.

The same fic can be claimed by as many readers as are interested in reading it. There is no exclusive claiming.

authors available for round 5 - cut for longCollapse )

All authors who requested to have their admission rolling, have been readded. If your information has changed or you wish to be removed, comment on the admin clean up post

If you wish to sign up for a fic not on this list, but the author is willing to give you permission to record their fic, please ask them to leave us a comment or e-mail, so we have record of it.

Remember to drop by the collaborations post for anyone looking to team up or just get a snatch of help. Use it as you will.

The deadline for Round 5 will be Tuesday, March 20th, 2012. As always, extensions will be given out liberally, but keep in mind during your planning that the blind_go deadline will be May 5th.

If there's any other problem or question, comment here. ^^

Good luck everyone!

Deadline review—
Writer sign up: continuous
Reader sign up: Tuesday, Jan. 24th
Podfic posting: Tuesday, March 20th

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